Beer List

“White Knuckle Ale” is a Double India Pale Ale. That’s right, twice the malt and twice the hops in one 14-barrel batch! It is named in honor of the exciting bike trail on Mt. Tam. If you are a “hophead,” this one’s forYOU! It’s fat, chewy and resiny and pungent. Pour into a wide-mouthed glass and get ready toRIP! 8.0% alcohol by volume.

World Beer Cup
Bronze: ’02

US Beer Tasting Championships
Grand Champion: ’11, ’10, ’08, ’07
CA Champion: ’06, ’05, ’04

North American Brewers Assoc.
Gold: ’08
Silver: ’09

CA State Fair
Gold: ’10, ’08
Silver: ’12, ’09, ’07, ’06, ’04
Bronze: ’11, ’05

San Diego County Fair
Bronze: ’11

North American Beer Awards
Gold: ’10
Bronze: ’05

Bistro Double IPA Festival
Gold: ’06