Beer List

To honor our World Champions at the Cove, we have created a smooth, American black ale brewed with orange zest. A hearty brew for the bleacher bums, gardeners of turf, and patient fans who have endured 54 years of pine-grabbing torture. An adult beverage to salute the Bat, the Stick, the rally thong, the crab, the seal, the chickens, the Thrill, the bow ties in the office, the golden voices in the booth and all of the San Francisco legends that helps them get there. We at Marin Brewing Company never stopped believing and we plan to bust this rookie out on opening day for the Orange and Black faithful.WARNING: Do not fear this beer for it will freakishly offer two Cy’s of relief without putting any hair on your face. ARE YOU READY? WELL THEN GRAB A BEER, MEAT! 6.0% alcohol by volume.

CA State Fair
Silver: ’12, ’11