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Cuvée Rogé is a blend of brews, some 1.5 years old, and some 5 years old. Both were aged in the same special chardonnay barrel with a variety of “bugs” (microorganisms) commonly thought to be beer “spoilers”. Several months ago we blended and bottled the Cuvée, adding sugar and fresh yeast to create a bottle conditioned product. Only 120 champagne bottles (750 ml each) were produced, and will only be available here at Marin Brewing Company for on-premise consumption only. Cuvée Rogé is a refreshing and assertively sour beer with a complex array of aromas and flavors ranging from citrus to barnyard with wine-like qualities and a dry, tart finish. 6.0% Alcohol by Volume.

World Beer Championships
Gold: ’11

CA State Fair
Gold: ’12

LA County Fair
Gold: ’11